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Taking charge of your health requires that you learn more about what you can do to help yourself. There's so much information out there! It can be so confusing. How about finding a place where all that information has been summarised for you and presented in a way that actually helps you take action? If you like the idea, then you'll like the Lotus Power Health Health & Wellness Vault.

In the vault, you will find all the masterclasses that we have created to date AND the ones we plan to release over the year. You will find masterclasses on the following topics:

  1. Hormone Balance (June 2018)
  2. Preparing For Pregnancy (July 2018)
  3. Mood Booster (July 2018)
  4. Deconstructing cravings (August 2018)
  5. The Case Against Sugar (August 2018)
  6. Caffeine: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (September 2018)
  7. Learn How To Increase Your Energy Naturally (September 2018)
  8. Natural And Permanent Weight Loss Solutions (October 2018)
  9. Food Allergies (October 2018)
  10. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet (November 2018)
  11. Elimination Diet Made Simple (November 2018)
  12. Make This Holiday Season The Healthiest Yet (December 2018)
  13. Chocolate 101 (December 2018)
  14. New Year, New You (January 2019)
  15. Goal Setting 101 (January 2019)
  16. Make Your Health Goals A Reality (January 2019)
  17. Healthy Tips For Couples (February 2019)
  18. Eat (February 2019)
  19. Sleep 101 (March 2019)
  20. Learn How To Stop Overeating (March 2019)
  21. The Power Of Mindfulness (April 2019)
  22. Learn How To Prevent Stress Eating (April 2019)
  23. Raw & Living Foods (May 2019)
  24. Superfood, Super You (June 2019)
  25. The Art Of Meal Prep (June 2019)
  26. Hormone Balance (July 2019)
  27. Why Meditate (July 2019)
  28. Preparing For Pregnancy (July 2019)
  29. Let's Talk Intermittent Fasting (August 2019)
  30. Keto 101 (August 2019)
  31. The Autoimmune Matrix (September 2019)
  32. Think (September 2019)
  33. Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed (October 2019)
  34. Move (October 2019)
  35. Go Paleo (November 2019)
  36. TBC (November 2019)
  37. TBC (December 2019)
  38. TBC (December 2019)

And more masterclasses will be added as the year progresses, and I received requests about these too.

Your Instructor

Audrey Sourroubille Arnold
Audrey Sourroubille Arnold

Audrey is the Founder of Lotus Power Health. She is on a mission to support women who are ready to achieve body balance, awakened wisdom, and hormone harmony. As a fertility expert, she coaches women on the journey to get pregnant using her Fertility Formula. As a Certified Women’s Health & Nutrition Coach, she shows women how to hack their biology and harness their female cycle for sustainable success and happiness.

After changing her life, she decided to become a women’s health coach. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she studied over 100 dietary theories and had the opportunity to learn from amazing teachers and leaders, including Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman, Geneen Roth and Deepak Chopra. She then furthered her studies at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute and The Health Sciences Academy, to bring more scientific evidence into her work.

Today, she shares her work through her weekly email updates and her blog. You can also find her on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Hormones & Your Health
Balance Your Hormones Naturally To Achieve Your Best Of Health
Audrey Sourroubille Arnold
Preparing For Pregnancy Masterclass
Getting ready to get pregnant
Audrey Sourroubille Arnold

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